Website Design, Rickmansworth


If you are looking for website design, or refreshing an existing one, we can certainly help you. We are specialists in WordPress, however, we are well versed in Joomla and other types of sites too.

It is often attractive to make your site in platforms like Wix, GoDaddys website builder (amongst others) but did you know that having a WordPress site is a one-off cost and you will have very little running costs once the site is up and running?

You may be bamboozled by terms like SEO and Keywords and how they work to get your site noticed? We are fully up to date with the ever-changing requirements that our good friend Google values and we can help you put this into practice to attract your ideal clients.

Website Design, Rickmansworth


Are you happy with your website site, would you like to amend it or keep it updated? No problem, our expert website maintenance can help you with any tweaks on a competitive hourly rate.

Need things done each month? We can provide retainer contracts if you need regular work or we are happy for you call us adhoc when you need things done.

Some of the things we have helped our clients with:

  • Migrating websites onto other domains
  • Creating new pages and content, including replacing pictures and wording
  • Integrating email software (like Mailchimp) for webforms
  • Changing blog page formatting and provided face-to-face training how to update posts
  • Completely customise WooCommerce shop to a custom design & adding products to online shops
  • Connecting Google Analytics for more in depth reporting


“I would not hesitate to recommend Charcoal Media to any new business opportunities.


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