LinkedIn Lead Generation

Bring your business to life by kick-starting
your LinkedIn lead generation
Looking to expand your business?

Our innovative LinkedIn lead generation tool will allow you to:

Create lists of prospects who you wish to target

Target mutual LinkedIn group members, people that have commented on specific posts, recently changed jobs or attended online events

Build personalised, multi-level marketing campaigns

API integration to connect to your CRM

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Supercharge your LinkedIn marketing by qualifying your leads with smart sequences

Popular ways to engage with LinkedIn audiences

Lead Generation

Grow your business effortlessly by viewing, connecting and messaging contacts automatically.

Reconnection Campaigns

Reinvigorate lapsed customers and restart conversations by importing your contacts.

Retarget Events

Follow up with online event attendees, send them information, and book contacts into your diary.

Engage with Posts

Target profiles with similar interests, whether or not this is a mutual group, post, or interest.

Engage with Views

Create new leads for your business, blog, or podcast by automating time-consuming manual tasks.

Target Poll Participants

Ask your audience insightful questions and follow up on specific answers or groups at a touch of a button.

Identify Candiates

Jump start your recruitment agency by automating connection requests, messages and in-mails.

Boost your Start-up

Gain important connections, kick-start your business, and maximise your impact.

“We have integrated Charcoal LinkedIn generation tools into our business and haven’t looked back since.”

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